Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book:Pants On fire

As you know Im a big fan of Meg Cabot  and was way pumped to read this book. But I was a little let down.It was  only a so so book. Not meg's best work. Some of it was fun to read. if you know some one who likes boys a little to much then this book is fun to read.if you do not then it is not as much fun. this is one of the books where when just looking at the book you know what it is about. You could see what was coming before it did. so it is not the best book. there are other books to read.  But like all of Meg Cabot's book has really good characters. If you want to a light read that is fun and has pretty good Characters this is a good one for it.
Stars:* * 2.9
(YA - 13 and up)

Review by DaydreamerN


  1. this book was k. daydreamer is right about this book.:( I was hoping for a good when I readed it. but it was not very good. but I do not have a boy crazy friend so it was not fun. you should read some other books not this one.

    but it looks like a good book =]


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