Wednesday, November 18, 2009

books&movies:Princess Diaries

well I love the movie!! it is great! ann plays mia just right!!! I love it!! Julie is just right!! all and all great cast!!! I like it just the way it is.
so your think princess? they are so silly. but mia is not just some Idiot priness she is a girl who does not want to be a princess. so it is funny to watch her!! well if you need a good movie with a great cast I say this movie!!

so I saw the movie then I thought I should read the books. so it did. and it was not as good as the movie. but I liked it.
so I read book 2. and it was great!!!!!! I loved it!!! it was so funny!!
and book 3. was even better!! so I say read all of them and watch the movie they are so much fun!!!!!!
I do not like them I love them!!!!!!!!
but princess in love is the best of them so far.
Stars: * * * * * ( this goes for both movie and book)
( book YA. Movie PG  I think)


  1. I love this movie. and I am reading the book. the book is good. meg is a great writer. the movie is very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i really liked it.....mia is very immature so her perspective is a funny one to read. haha i was rilly annoyed with her cuz it was soooooooo obvious michael liked her. ha.

  3. Mia is great. she is very funny. but the book is nothing like the movie!


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