Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book: Entwined

I have wanted to read this book because I love the cover and I saw the book at the library and I had to get it because on the back The writer of East praised the book. and I loved East so much that I just had to take the book. I did not read the inside cover so when i read it and it started to sound like the 12 dancing princess ( which is one of my most loved childhood fairy tale) I fell head over heels for the book.One thing I love about books like this one is that is it gives the people in it that little push it tells us about them. it gave the girls a hobby and we see how that changed who they were and what they did with their time. I loved the people in the book to. and so much of the book made me think of the book East. In a good way. I also loved the hole thing with the king. But I found that the keeper and the end was all but to easy to see coming from the start. it was good and all but if you are going to change the story and what happens then you might want to add a good twist to. I like how all of the girls had flower names. and I like how they all where so one of a kind. what I did not like was how unclear the ages where and all of that. I thought a lot of the girl where the wrong ages and got a little lost. I think it would have been nice to say which girl would come out in what year or found some way to tell you how old they where a little faster. but other then that I liked the book. I liked why they had to go dancing. I did get a little mad at them for the way they where so dumb about things here and there.Sometimes I ask my self is it so hard to write someone who is smart and who some what really knows whats going on. and its like with the keeper there are so many little things that could have been done to better play out what happened. but again other then that I liked this book. I felt it was a great YA story of the 12 dancing princess.  A must read book if you liked East or the 12 dancing princess.

(YA 12 and up)

Stars: * * * * 4.5

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  1. Loved this book! I have to say I'm such a big fan of the fairy tale YA books!


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