Monday, September 17, 2012

Movie: Rust And Bone

As always I saw this at the telluride film festival. and note that I love Marion Cotillard  and want to see this film because of her. 
This film is not what people lead you to think. Marion Cotillard lead.  This guy Alain is. Who to tell the truth I did not like all that much. He was all over the place and that was not the actor but the Writers fault.  I do not believe in the endless rewrites but he needed work. He was full of him self. And it seems that he did not true not love Marion. and he did not love his son. and to tell the truth watching the movie for me the only thing that could fix this guy was a nice kick in the butt. and at many points in the film the people around me were sighing and saying some very nasty works I will not say but you can guess. And my self and many others were hoping that Marion would find some one new.
Marion did a beautiful job brining Stephanie to life. showing you that as sad as she was she could get up again.
If you wanted to see this movie for Marion then i say yes because bottom line you will come out of it thinking to your self " Marion really is a breathtaking actress. her eyes tell the story". 
and as for the story its self I say that its more work. it needed to know what story it was trying to tell. a good script knows what its trying to make the moviegoers thinking about and get out of it. or getting them to see what you as the filmmaker see in the story and at many times it felt like it was not there. that the film made up of scenes and ideas that were just throw together as they went along. 
but as for everything other then the screenplay it was very well made film. And at points I liked it. over all I had very mixed feelings. But if you want to see it I say its worth a try. 

( R ) 
Stars: * * 2.9

And for those of you who wanted to know how they did the work with Marion's legs heres a quick look at how. 

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