Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Movie: Waiting For Forever

I found this movie on netflix and it looked really good. I thought it would be a cute,fresh new indie love story. but I was wrong. this movie is okay. its not really that good. its an indie that looks like a so so lifetime movie. I'm not hating on it is okay but its never ever going to get out in theaters and it seems like thats what they where trying to do. there are two very bad things going for this movie. 1) the screenplay- it needs a lot of work. the idea is good. the rest is not. with a screenplay in that shape you really need a director who loves the film with a burning passion and actors who can act which brings me to problem 2) The Acting - When they cast Will they went for heartthrob not someone who can act. when playing a guy like Will it has to be a part of you. it seems like the blocking was forest. and when it can to the rest of the acting they should have looked for a guy who could play him like Ryan Gosling did Lars and The Real Girl ( if you have not seen that movie it is a most. it shows you what indie movies really are all about. ) sweet, fun, and crazy. but it is part of them not a show. the guy who played will it felt like he was trying to hard and not acting. I'm not trying to be mean Im just saying that its the truth. oh and Im adding a another one 3) The Fake - this movie is nothing but fake. I like it- well kinda but its fake the acting, the story the other the top trying to be something you have never seen. its fake. there are some scene where you watch it and thats all you get out of it.
And as far as Emma went I feel she tried but I would have liked to have seen someone a little softer playing her. I know she was going though a ruff time but she did not come off as nice at all. So she really was not likable. and a lot of scenes that show us how she feels where missed because of it. nothing happened. the only scene that really was pretty good was the one at the park.
and the whole ex-boyfriend thing was pretty dumb. I would have liked for it to come out and then we have to wait and hope that everything works out okay when Will finds out. but they tried to go all chris nolan on it and did not work. this should have in that area stayed with the tried and true.
and really its a film about a guy who stalks a girl. this is not okay no matter how cute you make the guy. its scary and no girl should like a guy like that. its just creepy okay.
but with that being said there were a lot of other good things about the movie. like the editing and the end was pretty. and they did a great job of getting the children actors and the grown up actors to look and act a lot a like. which is something a lot of movies get wrong. But it could have been better had those things been changes.

Stars:  * * 2.4

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