Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book: Beautiful Days ( BTY #2)

I have to say I liked Bright Young Things so much better then the Luxes books. And this one does the same thing. I like the girls in this better. They are not out to get the other one and I think that makes its readable. I also love the whole speakeasy thing and they gang feel with it. it is a very fun book and I like it.
It also might because I love the time. one thing I would really like to know is what would happen if the people from the luxe met the girls in this book. I would like to know what happened to them. if any of them are still rich and where their lives went.  but back to this book. I love  really like the story.I think that books and movies like this are really coming back up and I think it will be nice  fun to see what happens to these books when the next books like this start to come out.
 I do like the books and I like how much people. I feel that the story of this book is not new or fresh really most of it is just bits from other books and movies but I like it and I think it was a good book and fans the luxes books and others will like this. and if you read the first of theses books and have been on the fence about this one then I say go ahead and read it. its good.  It was much better then  the first. there are many things wrong with it but I Think that in a few years and with some more books Anna Gobersen could really be a great great writer. she knows how to create great people and backdrops, if she can get the story right ( which she is starting to do) then things will be great,

( 16 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.4

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