Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Movie: Midnight's Childern

I was very happy to see this movie. it looked like it would really be a good movie. and I was very happy about it.
but half an hour in to the film I just sat there going " what? that is silly" or " what?! what is the point of these film again?". which is not a great thing. I found my self checking the my clock almost 15 minutes in to the film.
The acting and the direction was just breathtaking and it was great when you think about those things. But as for a script , well it was first of all very long. and at many times I felt like I did not really know what was going on. what was the focus of the film. what was it over all trying to tell me, trying to teach me. And over all it was very unhappy I just sat there waiting to everyone to die and for things just to get as bad as they could. I know that this was a beloved book one I have not read. I think that fans of the book will love the movie. but as for people who have never read the book might be spending most of their time waiting for the movie to end or walking out.
what could have been done to the script? well first of all for all you future screenwriters note that you have to find a way with out being cheep to get everyone to watch the movie and stay to the end.
this film could not do that to save its life. Had I not wanted to review the film I would have out right left. and to tell the truth lots of people did.
and another thing that was off was that they spoke english then the spoke what I believe was Hindi. Which i thought was poor choice my self.
Over all if you have not read the book I would not be racing to this one as I would some of the other film from the Telluride Film Festival.

(PG-13 to R)
Running time : 2 hours and around 45 minutes
Stars:  * * 2.8

( Poster Note: no posters have of now been released)

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