Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movie: Fair Game

I liked this movie. I have turned in to a huge indie fan because of films like this. it really just stands out. as one of the better films you see. it has this great feeling of being real yet taking you away from the real would all at the same time. Which is something that many have a very hard time doing. like everything else in movie making its not easy and its great to watch when someone gets it right.And it you like the Bourne movies I think you will really like this. one of the killer points of the film is the fact that it is based of real life. One of the down points was the fact that it was slow at times and then it would get fast and slow. Thats normally fine but there was no flow to it. and the sharpness of it does not add to the feel of the movie. It felt like the passing was off. and some of the smaller actors broke at a few little points in the film. but Naomi Watts and Sean Penn were great in this film as always. and I think that shows a great look at the real life spy game. i know this is a short review but there is not to much to say about this movie other than it is wroth watching it . 

Stars: * * * 3.4

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