Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book: The Power Of Six ( A Lorien Legacies)

So this is book two of the Lorien Legacies or I Am Number Four. and I most say that I hated the movie but I liked the book. and when I got my hands on this one I feel in head first back in to the books. i like how we are learning more about the other ones and we learn more about Six.  I wish that it would have told us when it was going to change person but other then that I liked the book. it was a little better written then the  first. and there was a lot more going on which is the write way to do it with books like this. and I like how we see more of what Lorien might have been like. and we learn where Henri was right and wrong in what he told John.
 Now when it comes to number Seven I was very happy with it. I like her and how her story is unlike John's or Six's.what I did not like was how for such a long story we did not see John grow. I think that there would have been more from where the other books ended to now. and I feel that the writer did not always think about adding more to it. this book does not have a heart. and if it does it is well hided in stone. it is cold and there is no life to it. but what do you really want from a book like this? well it had been not be the world because thats not what your going to get from this. But I liked it and I think that fans of the first book and movie will too.  and if you have time and no other book to read give this a try ( well the first one or the movie first) and you might really like it.  This is a book boys might really like.

(YA-12 and Up)
Stars: * * * 3.4

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