Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Movie:Alice in Wonderland

I HATE IT!  Tim Burton and Johnny Depp did it again. they killed one of the best stories ever told!  this is one of my fav stories! and they killed it! I so badly wanted to see this movie,and now I wish I had never ever seen it! it is not a movie kids should see. ( 3-9) it just takes  way the dreams ever little kid should have. I am so happy I was not a little girl when this came out. Teens should see it.But it is not fun.
The sets are great! all of that is very cool. and watching it is fun to see that.but it is not fun when so much of story is wrong.how Tim Burton could do this is just....very very sad. it is not some great movie. and i fell so sorry for ever little kid that saw this movie. it kills them! and this movie is like food that has gone bad.  you just want to put it in the trash where it goes!   so no little kid should see it!

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