Monday, June 14, 2010

Book: Incarceron

Well ever since I read Harry potter I have always wondedered what it would be like if a Denentor attacked me. and now I know!reading this book was just like that. I could feel all the life being pulled right out of me. I felt so bad. I have never felt that way! This is not a book that should be a YA book. it is to dark. now I know some of you will want to read it just because of that.but only read it if you  want to feel really bad. it was a book with all these killings. this guy just killed.for not good! if any one wants to hear about stuff like that just have me call my grandma!   some one almost killed her hole town. she has seen things that you do not even what to know about! if you want to read about killing read the real thing! because then you would smart!( it was because of war.)  and people are reading and loving this book! I know very well it is not a good thing for the mind to read that so young. and if you do not believe me you are crazy. it is true just ask any one who knows the mind.Books like this will only led to bad sad mean things. the young mind can not take things like this book! it  makes Shiver look GREAT! now you know that is a bad book! this book should not read by Teens any where. If this is the book the world  loves then the world is a very sorry world. this book does not have any thing good to it.  well not if you think killing is a bad thing that is. but if your like me and just want a safer world then do not read this book. it makes me so mad that this is a bestseller. it should not be at all. it is A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD BOOK!!!! I HATE THE BOOK LIKE I HATE NOTHING ELSE!! IT SHOULD NOT BE READ BY TEENS!! THIS BOOK SHOULD NOT BE FOR TEENS! YOUR MIND CAN NOT GET WHAT IS GOING ON!! ONLY READ THIS BOOK IF YOU  WANT TO GO CRAZY!! I HATE THIS BOOK! THERE IS NO WORD OUT THERE THAT CAN SAY HOW BAD THIS BOOK IS! NO WORD IN THE HOLE WORLD THAT CAN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW SICK AND BAD AND WRONG THIS BOOK IS!!!
did you get how much I hate it? well I hope so I do not know any other way to do it nicely. I am  still a
teener. ( well when you look at me. no when who knows me believes I am that young.)

( YA so says writer. but I think it should be for people who are like 50. maybe then they will not kill people)



  1. I am a mom of a teen girl. she want to read this book. but after reading this NO WAY!! I looked at it!! I can not believe this is a book teens should be read! this book should not YA! it is so sad! books like this will only make more killers! and that is the last thing we need!

  2. funny review. it makes me want to look in to it to see why you hate it so much.

  3. well to the Mother. I am very happy you looked in to the book. more Moms and dads is there job. and if you need any help looking for a book just ask me!

    to the one that said Funny. well you should really not read the book.and I would be more then happy to help you find a good book you might like.

  4. I really wanted to read it. and did .ever one says it is so good. but it is not. it is sick. I mean all the killing! and the warlord thing! it is a book that teens should read. I am 18. and as big sister to a 13 old teen girl. and then my little brother is 11. and I would not let them read this book!

  5. sorry I meant to say teens should not read it! it is so bad. no teens should read it. they should be reading Harry potter!

  6. thanks for tell ever one what you all think. it is not to hear from other people

  7. I have not read the book but I do not think we as teens should be reading books like this. look at the cover you can tell it is dark and wrong. we should be reading books like Harry Potter that show as this stuff it wrong and should not be done. being spies is not cool!being a kill is not cool! and people need to see that! war is not cool! and books like this are not cool!
    we need to love more! and hate less!

  8. I am a teen reader
    and I feel books like this are that is killing life. it is making people do bad things. things I have seen!
    books like this make you think there is nothing wrong with it but there is! it makes people hurt! and we need to stop this NOW or it will be to late to do any thing!

  9. WOW! I was going to read the book then I saw this! ever one really hates the book! well now I am happy I did not buy it. I think I will just save that money for when a good book comes out! again WOW! this book is not well loved!

  10. Im really into sad kind of books and books that make me sob and get goose bumps i dont really know y. So in some ways this book would really be an interesting read but in other ways i think ur DaydreamerN maybe its not the right choice of book. Well if u can respond and tell me if u think its apptropriate for a 14 year old thx!!!

  11. well it is not a sad book like that. it is sick! bloody! and no I do not feel it is right for a 14 year old. it is more 17 and up I would say. it is if you like sad you might like Flygirl or wish. I likes flygirl better my has some sad parts in it. so read and tell me what you think.


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