Saturday, June 19, 2010

Talk:What is it with The Hunger Games?!

 I know people love it. I have not read it. but from what I hear it is not a book that people should be reading. Kids fighting to the death?! Am I the only one to see what is wrong with that?  I know my readers keep wanting me to read the book and I might. but first look at why I have not read it. ever one I know  who read this is  Scaerd out of there minds!but they say they love it. there some thing wrong with this?!this that a good thing? NO! it is not a good thing. and it is books like that I am fighting.So sorry to tell you but I am not a fan right now. and will I read the book maybe. but  first the only book reader I trust will read and tell me if I should. because I do not really want to wast my book time on that!


  1. some people love them. all people do is talk about them

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  3. thanks for taking a look at my blog! it means a lot to me

  4. I had the same reaction you did at first and I resisted reading the book for a while because of the plot. But, I have to tell you that as soon as I started reading it, I literally could not put it down. I loved the story, bizarre as it is, and would definitely recommend it.

  5. thanks so much for looking at my blog Jen. but I do not think I will be reading it this summer. 1. because I can not get my hands on the book
    2. all of the readers have me reading way to many books right now. but thank you for telling me what you think of it. I will be shore to read it when I get around to it :)

  6. dude maybe you read it bad or read the reviews bad
    this book is like taking a look at what may happen i know it is in ya fic but god it had me hook until the ending i was like omg i need to read it
    plus it can not be a bad book because alot of author are trying to copy her like The line by terri hall
    let face it you cann't have a happy ever after always there is always time to have a realistic fiction to- be is one of those book youi never forget plus there is romance and a main character that is not weak
    read it i know may say not
    but went the movie comes out you be the first to be sittiing in the movies to see it
    I LOVE IT :0 :)

  7. thank you for telling me what you think.but no I will not be going to see the movie. the book is about ever thing I hate. so I will read but will not like it. I know my self and the book well. and I know that it is not what I want. happy ever after can happen if you want them to. and now that I know what look where I am. and if you believe in only the bad well that is not what I believe.
    like Albert Einstien asked " is this a friendly Univers?
    well is it? and to tell the truth I would not want to give the writer of the books a penny.
    so sorry to rain on your day but that is the truth as if right now

  8. I hate the books!

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