Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book:Nathaniel:Flight Of The Phoenix (#1)

Yes I know this  is  a book for like 7 or 8 years.  but when I saw that the writer I was all "I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK". but I have to say IT WAS A GREAT BOOK!  it was fun to read.  really a cute book. I like the fun in it. but like theodosia the story does not stop at book one. there are still some many things to read about in book 2. and yes I will be reading the next book. Moms/dads this is a good book for your kids to read. it is hard to read. but by page 10 it is hard not to read! you will have a kid who is smart and likes to read when they are done with this book.

( Kids)
Stars: * * * *
Pages:134 ( then there are 3 pages of fun beast stuff)

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  1. Oh my little brother loves these books! he can't stop talking about them!


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