Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interview: Jackie Dolamore

Jackie Dolamore is the write of  Magic Under Glass. She was Homeschooled as a kid.and when I asked her to to this interview she was more then happy to. if you would like to read more about her just go to writers pages.

 DaydreamerN:I hear you where Homeschooled as a kid what was that like? Do you think it has helped your writing?

 Jackie Dolamore:.I was homeschooled in a very unstructured way. My mom gave us math textbooks but 80% of my education probably came from library books which I chose myself, and traveling/field trips and stuff like that. It definitely helped my writing. My sister and I spent hours in creative pursuits, and when I wasn't writing or drawing or making something or playing pretend games (or "playing characters" as we called it), I was reading. If you want to be a writer as an adult, it certainly doesn't hurt to spend your entire childhood reading and writing...
DN:how did you get the idea for magic under glass?

JD:Ideas kind of come from a million places--usually a mix of inspiration from TV/other books/movies/comics/whatever, history, real experience, and dreams. And then there's a sort of random, magical element that brings it all together, which is how some stories get written and sold and some don't, I think.
DN: Can you tell us when your next book will come out?

JD:My next book will be out in April or May of 2011. The Magic Under Glass paperback will come out a bit before that with a preview. That book is called Between the Sea and Sky and it's about a mermaid and a winged guy who fall in love. Magic Under Stone will be released in 2012

DN:What book helped you the most?

JD:Do you mean writing books? Or life in general? My favorite writing craft book is probably Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass. In general, I can't honestly pinpoint one book...there are so many books that have influenced and inspired me.

DN: does your family help you with your writing?

JD:My partner Dade helps me with plot stuff all the time. I read all my work to him and when I'm stuck he helps me brainstorm. My family doesn't help, really, but they're very supportive.
DN. If you could be in any book what book would you be in?

JD:Most books are pretty stressful to actually be in, but I'd love to spend some time in the Betsy-Tacy books. They do fun things like make fudge and shop for Christmas ornaments
DN. do you feel you are in any way like any of the people in the book?

There is definitely a little of me in almost every character I write. Well, maybe not Smollings, no wonder I have so much trouble with him. I'm way too nice to identify with the villains usually... I'm a little spoiled and proud like Nimira sometimes, though...
DN: what is a song that you feel was writen just for you/ or by you? (as asked by fan)

 JD:Ohh...well, some of my favorite songs ever ever are "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel, "Life on Mars?" by David Bowie, "Mother of Pearl" by Roxy Music...I often feel that Roxy Music is the band that writes the soundtrack to my head space, particularly their albums from the early to mid 70s. They're stylish and sophisticated and they rock, and there's never been another group like them.

DN: did you get the idea for the wall because of the really life Wall?

JD:The wall between the fairies and humans was not really super-planned. It was more like, I was writing that scene and Hollin (I think it was Hollin) mentions this wall, and I'm like, oh, okay, there's a wall, I guess, because he just said so. Which I guess goes back to that random, magical element that ideas have.

DN:well that is all I have! hopefully I can talk to you about your new book some time soon!
thank you for doing this. you do not know what it means to me!

JD:Anytime!! Thanks for reading my books!

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  1. wow! great Interview! now I know all things I wanted to know about the making of magic under Glass! this is soo cool!


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