Thursday, June 03, 2010


Well when you look at the book you think it is nothing at all.but when you read it you see that it really is a great book! yes it is not very well known but it is a great book. I think more people should read it!
yes there is one thing I did not like in it and that was when Aurelia was with the killer. I did not like it.and when you read it you will see why. but over all very good. I loved it just as much as the Gemma Doyle books. it is hard for any one to find a good book. and if you are looking for one here it is! this book is just one of a kind. Anne did a great job on it! I can not wait to read her next book I hope it is just as good! is book had me at the up all night ( I was not up all night but I want to be up all night reading this book!)  I never saw the end coming! I love books with good ends I never see coming! if you want to read a book with a great end read this!Really a great summer read! it had me in another world! and I was sad when it was time to go.   this book just like the story is not what is looks like. and that to me is a good book.
like booklist says "Irresistible"!
STARS: * * * * *


  1. OMG!! I LOVE THIS BOOK! it is like the best book ever! I love the end!!
    do you know if there is going to be a book 2?
    I really hope there is!!! I just love this book!

  2. well I will be talking to Anne this week.and I asked her that. so you will soon know. I too hope there is a book to. she is a great write and really nice!

  3. how was the book on Sexuality? I am not a big fan of books that have a lot of that

  4. no. there is only one thing and believe me it is nothing at all. oh and there is one kiss. but nothing else


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