Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Book: Secrets Of My Hollywood Life: On Location (#2)

Well I just love the first book! so I really wanted to read book too. I have to say I liked this one more. it shows you the true life of Hollywood stars. well movie stars that is. you got to see more of Katie's life as the star. and there was more Sky. but it would not be secrets of my hollywood life with out her. it is a lot like book 1. but over all I think it is better. it shows you the games of Hollywood. and it tells you the secrets no one else will say. really great summer read for teens that want to know the truth of Hollywood.  so  the nice thing is it has the good stuff of gossip girl with out the bad and not so fun to read stuff. I love the books and can not wait to read the next book! it sounds very very good!
I hope we get to see more of the games of Hollywood and see how one has to work with them
(YA -12 up)
STARS: *  * * * *

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