Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movie: Mamma Mia!

well I me and my mom want to see a movie. we love the cast so we watched it. and really really liked it. yes it was silly but it was fun to watch. but she did have more fun then me ( it made her think of the days when she was young and danced with friends around the world).
and I love the actor who plays the mom( I am forgetting her name right now).  it was so much fun to watch. it was funny to watch. yes it is no oscar winning movie but it was a good movie.  and think it is a good movie to watch at like 2:00 pm and its to hot out side. this is the movie you and your Mom should watch. it is fun and I love it.
it is a little like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So if you like and movies with music you will really like this.
I say it is a see it movie! it is fun for Moms and Daughters

( PG-13 if you know the story then you know why. she is trying to find which of 3 men is her Father.)

STARS:* * * * 4.7


  1. hello I am DaydreamerN's Mom and I just wanted to say that when you are watching the movie listen to the songs. the story was writen around the songs. they help tell the story!
    hope you all like the movie =]

  2. I think the movie is funny. like you said daydreamerN it is no oscar winner but it is good. and most of the time oscar winning movies are really bad!

  3. Hmmm... I think the mom was played by Meryl Streep. I watched this movie and I loved the whole silliness of it! It was just so absurd but so funny that I couldn't help but sing along. I found it awesome that so many ABBA songs were incorporated into one story--and they all made sense too!

  4. I know I felt the same way! my mom is like a big ABBA fan. and now I am! this movie is really good!


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