Monday, May 31, 2010

Book:Fairy Dust And The Quest For The Egg

Well it was a long time ago I  read this book. I loved it some much that I had to read it three times. it is a book where I both smiled so much my face hurt and I cried. this is a book that I fell in love with. and so will any girl love loves both magic and a beautiful story.I was crazy about fairies after this book. I want to read more about all of the fairies in the book. and I did. but I have to say this is still my fav out of all of them.  it is very hard to find a book out there that feels like magic. when you read it you feel like you have the magic of the fairies with you. and ever night you go to sleep with dreams of them in your head. this is a book that shows young girls it is okay to believe in magic and that magic is all around us. all we have to do is look with your hearts and not your eyes.
 This is a book that will change a girls life.For the better. it is a book that should be on every young girls shelf.  it is one of the best books a girl could read. Moms and Dads should read this with little girls. there is one part that they will need you for. and you should read it with them! they still need you to read to them here and there. and it is a book you will like too. believe me!
(Kids/ YA but YA readers have to believe to read!)
STARS: * * * * * *

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