Friday, June 25, 2010

Book:The Daughters ( #1)

well it is a lot like the Hollywood secrets books.  I feel it is a really great book in to the life of kids that haves "Stars"  for Moms /Dads. it is fun  and full of life! this book will be a big hit!
I like how all of them come from the fame. but not the same fame. it is nice to know out how fame is to people. it is a great book for summer reading. Really great book. fans of Secrets of my hollywood life will love it! I love the end of the book. I can not wait to read book 2! really very good. I hope that Joanna writes more books. she is pretty good at it.
no this is not  very  very very well writen but it is a nice beach read. a good fun book that a lot of teen girls will love. it is nice to read a book that is just fun look at life book for the summer.  over all really good book!

(YA - 12 and up for this book)
STARS: * * * 3.8

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  1. I reallly want to read this book! it looks soo good! I love the secrets of my hollywood life books sooo much!!! they are really good. I was hoping you would read this book! I are right about ever book!


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