Monday, June 14, 2010

Book: Along For The Ride

Well I have wanted to read the book for a very very long time. and so I did. I really like it. it makes me think of The Last Song ( which  I am or was reading).  I like the people in the book are so life like. they make me mad or sad some times happy. I like the way it shows you you can not know some one just by looking at them.And I love how they have Thisbe in it. it was cute to have a baby in a book. I love how it was by the sea.  it is was nice to read a happy nice sweet filling book.  it was like apple pie. not just any apple pie but great apple pie. some of the best out there. it is a great some read for all girls.The story is good. it is one any girl will like. I like how Aud never did what ever one else did.  but there was one downer to it. it was just a little to long for me.  it just did no get better.And a little hard to read at the end of it. but another then that. I LOVED the book. it was one of the best just-the-life-of -some-one books I have ever read. I like the people, the story, and the beach!I like how it shows you some people change some do not.This is one of the books that will change some ones life. maybe more then just one. and I love the book!
Over all a really fine book!great summer read!


STARS: * * * *

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