Friday, June 25, 2010

Book:The Daughters ( #1)

well it is a lot like the Hollywood secrets books.  I feel it is a really great book in to the life of kids that haves "Stars"  for Moms /Dads. it is fun  and full of life! this book will be a big hit!
I like how all of them come from the fame. but not the same fame. it is nice to know out how fame is to people. it is a great book for summer reading. Really great book. fans of Secrets of my hollywood life will love it! I love the end of the book. I can not wait to read book 2! really very good. I hope that Joanna writes more books. she is pretty good at it.
no this is not  very  very very well writen but it is a nice beach read. a good fun book that a lot of teen girls will love. it is nice to read a book that is just fun look at life book for the summer.  over all really good book!

(YA - 12 and up for this book)
STARS: * * * 3.8

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movie: Mamma Mia!

well I me and my mom want to see a movie. we love the cast so we watched it. and really really liked it. yes it was silly but it was fun to watch. but she did have more fun then me ( it made her think of the days when she was young and danced with friends around the world).
and I love the actor who plays the mom( I am forgetting her name right now).  it was so much fun to watch. it was funny to watch. yes it is no oscar winning movie but it was a good movie.  and think it is a good movie to watch at like 2:00 pm and its to hot out side. this is the movie you and your Mom should watch. it is fun and I love it.
it is a little like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So if you like and movies with music you will really like this.
I say it is a see it movie! it is fun for Moms and Daughters

( PG-13 if you know the story then you know why. she is trying to find which of 3 men is her Father.)

STARS:* * * * 4.7

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book:Nathaniel:Flight Of The Phoenix (#1)

Yes I know this  is  a book for like 7 or 8 years.  but when I saw that the writer I was all "I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK". but I have to say IT WAS A GREAT BOOK!  it was fun to read.  really a cute book. I like the fun in it. but like theodosia the story does not stop at book one. there are still some many things to read about in book 2. and yes I will be reading the next book. Moms/dads this is a good book for your kids to read. it is hard to read. but by page 10 it is hard not to read! you will have a kid who is smart and likes to read when they are done with this book.

( Kids)
Stars: * * * *
Pages:134 ( then there are 3 pages of fun beast stuff)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Talk:What is it with The Hunger Games?!

 I know people love it. I have not read it. but from what I hear it is not a book that people should be reading. Kids fighting to the death?! Am I the only one to see what is wrong with that?  I know my readers keep wanting me to read the book and I might. but first look at why I have not read it. ever one I know  who read this is  Scaerd out of there minds!but they say they love it. there some thing wrong with this?!this that a good thing? NO! it is not a good thing. and it is books like that I am fighting.So sorry to tell you but I am not a fan right now. and will I read the book maybe. but  first the only book reader I trust will read and tell me if I should. because I do not really want to wast my book time on that!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interview: Jackie Dolamore

Jackie Dolamore is the write of  Magic Under Glass. She was Homeschooled as a kid.and when I asked her to to this interview she was more then happy to. if you would like to read more about her just go to writers pages.

 DaydreamerN:I hear you where Homeschooled as a kid what was that like? Do you think it has helped your writing?

 Jackie Dolamore:.I was homeschooled in a very unstructured way. My mom gave us math textbooks but 80% of my education probably came from library books which I chose myself, and traveling/field trips and stuff like that. It definitely helped my writing. My sister and I spent hours in creative pursuits, and when I wasn't writing or drawing or making something or playing pretend games (or "playing characters" as we called it), I was reading. If you want to be a writer as an adult, it certainly doesn't hurt to spend your entire childhood reading and writing...
DN:how did you get the idea for magic under glass?

JD:Ideas kind of come from a million places--usually a mix of inspiration from TV/other books/movies/comics/whatever, history, real experience, and dreams. And then there's a sort of random, magical element that brings it all together, which is how some stories get written and sold and some don't, I think.
DN: Can you tell us when your next book will come out?

JD:My next book will be out in April or May of 2011. The Magic Under Glass paperback will come out a bit before that with a preview. That book is called Between the Sea and Sky and it's about a mermaid and a winged guy who fall in love. Magic Under Stone will be released in 2012

DN:What book helped you the most?

JD:Do you mean writing books? Or life in general? My favorite writing craft book is probably Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass. In general, I can't honestly pinpoint one book...there are so many books that have influenced and inspired me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Book: Along For The Ride

Well I have wanted to read the book for a very very long time. and so I did. I really like it. it makes me think of The Last Song ( which  I am or was reading).  I like the people in the book are so life like. they make me mad or sad some times happy. I like the way it shows you you can not know some one just by looking at them.And I love how they have Thisbe in it. it was cute to have a baby in a book. I love how it was by the sea.  it is was nice to read a happy nice sweet filling book.  it was like apple pie. not just any apple pie but great apple pie. some of the best out there. it is a great some read for all girls.The story is good. it is one any girl will like. I like how Aud never did what ever one else did.  but there was one downer to it. it was just a little to long for me.  it just did no get better.And a little hard to read at the end of it. but another then that. I LOVED the book. it was one of the best just-the-life-of -some-one books I have ever read. I like the people, the story, and the beach!I like how it shows you some people change some do not.This is one of the books that will change some ones life. maybe more then just one. and I love the book!
Over all a really fine book!great summer read!


STARS: * * * *

Book: Incarceron

Well ever since I read Harry potter I have always wondedered what it would be like if a Denentor attacked me. and now I know!reading this book was just like that. I could feel all the life being pulled right out of me. I felt so bad. I have never felt that way! This is not a book that should be a YA book. it is to dark. now I know some of you will want to read it just because of that.but only read it if you  want to feel really bad. it was a book with all these killings. this guy just killed.for not good! if any one wants to hear about stuff like that just have me call my grandma!   some one almost killed her hole town. she has seen things that you do not even what to know about! if you want to read about killing read the real thing! because then you would smart!( it was because of war.)  and people are reading and loving this book! I know very well it is not a good thing for the mind to read that so young. and if you do not believe me you are crazy. it is true just ask any one who knows the mind.Books like this will only led to bad sad mean things. the young mind can not take things like this book! it  makes Shiver look GREAT! now you know that is a bad book! this book should not read by Teens any where. If this is the book the world  loves then the world is a very sorry world. this book does not have any thing good to it.  well not if you think killing is a bad thing that is. but if your like me and just want a safer world then do not read this book. it makes me so mad that this is a bestseller. it should not be at all. it is A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD BOOK!!!! I HATE THE BOOK LIKE I HATE NOTHING ELSE!! IT SHOULD NOT BE READ BY TEENS!! THIS BOOK SHOULD NOT BE FOR TEENS! YOUR MIND CAN NOT GET WHAT IS GOING ON!! ONLY READ THIS BOOK IF YOU  WANT TO GO CRAZY!! I HATE THIS BOOK! THERE IS NO WORD OUT THERE THAT CAN SAY HOW BAD THIS BOOK IS! NO WORD IN THE HOLE WORLD THAT CAN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW SICK AND BAD AND WRONG THIS BOOK IS!!!
did you get how much I hate it? well I hope so I do not know any other way to do it nicely. I am  still a
teener. ( well when you look at me. no when who knows me believes I am that young.)

( YA so says writer. but I think it should be for people who are like 50. maybe then they will not kill people)


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Book:Magic Under Glass

When I read the title I thought what a great name. but then as I read it i did not think that. the book is full of magic!it tells a story of fairies VS. humans. And what is right and wrong. and what I got out of it is that just because some one is not like you does not mean they are wrong.  it is a story that had me thinking. it made me think about things in a new way. Nimira did not look at fairies as bad but she looked at them as living things. which is what we should all be doing too. she saw what no one else did. and she did what she though was right. In this book they tell a story about a wall. it sound like some thing you know about? well it should. it is just like the really life wall. and if you read this book I hope you get out what I got out of it. what I got out was that some thing like a wall should never happen. we need to see with our hearts more. that is what Nimira did. it is a really good book. if I liked it or loved it is unknown to me as of now. and I also felt that is was a lot like Jane Eyre which I really liked. I felt like it was a twisted and it worked well.  other then being a little on the short side I really did like this book.
This is a book for all Gemma Doyle lovers.Also the Jane Erye feel is pretty cool. but it has more love then Gemma. It  has so much magic that I felt like I was a magic my self. and I think that if the name or cover catches your eye then i say its a must grab.

(YA 12 and up )
STARS: * * * * 4.o

Video:Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore Official Book Trailer

Monday, June 07, 2010

Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I love the movie! it is just so FUNNY! the really funny thing is I know some Greeks and they are just like the people in the movie. the movie is just to good. it is like one of my fav movies ever! it is one of the movies you can watch any time any where!  if you have not seen it you need it! I mean really need too! there are no words that I can think of to tell you how much I love this movie and how good it is!

( PG-13)

stars: * *  * * * *

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Well when you look at the book you think it is nothing at all.but when you read it you see that it really is a great book! yes it is not very well known but it is a great book. I think more people should read it!
yes there is one thing I did not like in it and that was when Aurelia was with the killer. I did not like it.and when you read it you will see why. but over all very good. I loved it just as much as the Gemma Doyle books. it is hard for any one to find a good book. and if you are looking for one here it is! this book is just one of a kind. Anne did a great job on it! I can not wait to read her next book I hope it is just as good! is book had me at the up all night ( I was not up all night but I want to be up all night reading this book!)  I never saw the end coming! I love books with good ends I never see coming! if you want to read a book with a great end read this!Really a great summer read! it had me in another world! and I was sad when it was time to go.   this book just like the story is not what is looks like. and that to me is a good book.
like booklist says "Irresistible"!
STARS: * * * * *

Video:The Wolves of Mercy Falls: A Stop Motion trailer for Linger

 I do not like shiver but I love this video!

Book:39 Clues:The Emperor's Code (#8)

Well the story of this one was bigger then the other books. but this one was not well done. the write whent way to far with it! I mean there is NO WAY most of the story could happen in really life.
yes the story of the books would not happen in really life but they are more real then this book. It was hard to read this one!  I will not say why because it will not be fun for the ones of you that want to read this book.but if you do you will see what I mean. I hope the next book is not like this one at all!

Movie:Iron Man ( #1)

                                                                                                                                           Well I did not want to see it but I did. some of it was better then I thought it would be.and some of it was worse then I though it would be.but I am happy to hear movie 2 is better. and I do want to see it. what I did not like about this one was the beginning 45 mins. it was not fun to watch at all. who in there right mind would want to watch that? well I sadly did and hated it. but I love ever thing else. like the fun stuff of the movie. 

( PG-13)
STARS:* * 

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Book: Secrets Of My Hollywood Life: On Location (#2)

Well I just love the first book! so I really wanted to read book too. I have to say I liked this one more. it shows you the true life of Hollywood stars. well movie stars that is. you got to see more of Katie's life as the star. and there was more Sky. but it would not be secrets of my hollywood life with out her. it is a lot like book 1. but over all I think it is better. it shows you the games of Hollywood. and it tells you the secrets no one else will say. really great summer read for teens that want to know the truth of Hollywood.  so  the nice thing is it has the good stuff of gossip girl with out the bad and not so fun to read stuff. I love the books and can not wait to read the next book! it sounds very very good!
I hope we get to see more of the games of Hollywood and see how one has to work with them
(YA -12 up)
STARS: *  * * * *

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Movie:Alice in Wonderland

I HATE IT!  Tim Burton and Johnny Depp did it again. they killed one of the best stories ever told!  this is one of my fav stories! and they killed it! I so badly wanted to see this movie,and now I wish I had never ever seen it! it is not a movie kids should see. ( 3-9) it just takes  way the dreams ever little kid should have. I am so happy I was not a little girl when this came out. Teens should see it.But it is not fun.
The sets are great! all of that is very cool. and watching it is fun to see that.but it is not fun when so much of story is Tim Burton could do this is just....very very sad. it is not some great movie. and i fell so sorry for ever little kid that saw this movie. it kills them! and this movie is like food that has gone bad.  you just want to put it in the trash where it goes!   so no little kid should see it!


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