Monday, September 30, 2013

Book: Under The Never Sky

I have heard many really good things about this book. Things like finally a girl in YA who can hold her own. A love story that did not over power the story.
These to things I am happy to say are very true. Aria was a strong main character that also had a soft side. She was a very well thought out character with many layers.  Her character development was very well done and one of the best that I have seen from a YA author in a long time.
I also  liked how it was not love at first sight. The love story and friendships took a lot of time.  They came from two different worlds and they did not like one other at first. But they slowly had to learn to be open to the other one and their different ways  of life.  And the love story for one had a more natural feel to it. Things went a little fast at the end, but worked with story I felt.
So as far as the characters go the book was really really well done.
As for the story I was much more mixed and let down over all.  The idea and the setting were good. As for the way things played out and how much gore there was I was not happy. Yes, I did say gore. I got every tired of the killing and fighting.  The savage ways that many of  the characters had or gain through out the course of the book. I would have liked it toned down or not as harsh. At times many of the savage actions over powered the characters and at times even seemed a little out of character.
Over all I felt that the book is strong read as far as characters go. As for some of the actions or  choices the characters make, I did't like them. But I feel that fans of Graceling and Breathe will love this Dystopian novel.
Also I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

( YA 14 and up )
Stars: * * * 3.4

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