Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Update from bloggers!

Hi everyone!!
Normally I try my best not to post anything that is not a review but there are some big changes and news here that I felt I needed to share with you all.
First of all we have a new reviewer here that will be going by his own name - by that I mean the name he picked to review as. He will be now know as The B-team. Some of you might have seen some of his reviews in the past because he has been such a big help the blog over the years I couldn't be more than happy to have him join us and be taking an even bigger part in the blog.
Next thing is we have fallen behind on some of the reviews. One of the reasons being that there are more books than hours or reviewers.  So while we are still behind through hours of hard work as a babysitter got enough money to buy an Ipad Mini ( which I love so far) and now can use that to review books. It's much easier than trying to read in bed with my laptop. And unlike my laptop I can take it anywhere with me.
Also we have some big changes come to the blog. We are going to start doing more movie reviews and branching out as far that goes. We are also going to be posting more reviews of older books in hope that this blog will be a place were you the readers can look up any book you see or hear good things about and there is a review of it all ready for you.  If I ( DaydreamerN) and The B-team  read the same book but have different thoughts and feelings on it we will post two reviews.
It's a lot work on our side but our goal has been and always will be to give you good honest reviews. And to let you know in our eyes if the book might be right for you. Because there is nothing better than finding the prefect book.
Thank you to our readers and loyal followers without you we wouldn't be not be doing any of this!

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