Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book:The Time-Traveling Fashionista: At The Palace Of Marie Antoinette

 I first feel in love with  The Time-Traveling Fashionista ( on board the Titanic). It was once of the best Young Teen books I have ever read. And this book was much the same I'm happy to say. It was full of so many things that Young Teen books are missing these days. One of those things is how Louise is caught between being a tween on her way to being a teenager and still feeling like a little kid. Though I'm 16 I still remember really clearly how hard that was for me. And I loved how in this books Louise still wants to play with dolls but is afraid of being made fun of. That was really hard for me when I was Louise's age. Lucky for me I had a few friends and my mom who still would play with me and never made fun of me. I wish that I would have had these books around when I was going through it. They would have not only been one of my favorite books but they would have been a big help in getting me through that time.
Beautiful art from the book

As many of you know I loved
And as far as the history goes it might not have been 100% right but it made me want to learn more about Marie Antoinette.
Over all a really fun read. It's worth getting the book from the library just to look at the art to tell the truth.  If you know a tween or young teen girl that has even a little bit of interest in fashion or history it's a must read.

( 11 and up - though it's marketed to 9 and up I disagree with this)

Stars: * * * * 4.0


  1. ohh the cover is so pretty. I've not heard about this series yes but it sounds good. Time travel I love that genres so I guess I'm going to check it out. Great review =)

    1. If your okay with reading younger teens/kids books this is a great read. IF you do not like books like that than I would say tht you should pass on this one.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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