Monday, September 02, 2013

Book: Moon And More

Sarah Dessen does it again. Will she ever right write a bad book? I'm going to go with no.
She yet again took a simple summer story one that many authors would have failed to make in to anything worth reading, and yet Sarah Dessen does. She made Emaline a sweet and interesting and as always a little head strong. And watching her slowly change in the book and find out who she is was wonderful. She did not change in leaps and bonds, but she only had three months. I really liked the family story in this book. Their story  was sweet and heartfelt and felt very real. And I have to say I liked how things ended in the book as far as Emaline's father went. It was nicely done on Sarah Dessen's part.
The only down side of the book was Theo. He drove me up the wall, and made me want to pull my hair out! He was really the weakest character I think that Sarah Dessen has ever written. For him to put up with Ivy because she is famous is total BS. I would have liked to hear some better reasons for why he wanted to be a filmmaker what he was doing. Something to give him some depth would have been really nice.I was really hoping that Sarah Dessen would do for movies for she did for music in Just Listen. But that did not happen. Not that I minded to much because it would have made the story seem over crowded. But I would have liked something a little more from Theo or Ivy about movies so they did not just seem like money grabbers.
Over all though I think that this might just be my fave Sarah Dessen novel. I would say its worth reading even if Theo is a pain.

( YA- 14 and up)
Stars* * * 3.8

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