Thursday, September 05, 2013

Book:Percy Jackson and the Olympians book one: The Lightning Thief

by now you have already heard of these books or the movie based upon them. This book is the idea of what would happen if the Greek gods,goddesses, and mythology were real and lived in modern north America. and one of the highlights of the book is seeing what the author thinks these gods and  monsters  would look like in the modern world and all of them fit though its up for interpretation . also the book is a very fun, easy and enjoyable to read. it is written how a kid thinks not like an adult trying to write how a kid thinks and making it come off looking dumb. The characters are very good and the book flows nicely with a slow start but  once it gets started it rarely gets  dull throughout  book. Though it can be predicable and a bit cliché at times. But it captures a magic rare to find in kids books and can be easily compared to harry potter and comes the closest to topping potter  that i have seen but it is a lot fluffier and in some ways more enjoyable in the sense that there is no lasting  bully character  and that's nice as keeps Percy focused on the his enemies who are as fun to see in the modern world as the gods. the monsters in this book are pretty standard far with the likes of  the Furies. Also the action is very good not dull and does not get annoying.the humor in this book is very good not to much and pretty true to kids in real life. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun short and enjoyable book which will teach a few things without forcing it upon you.

stars *** 3.7

 Reviewed by  The B "team"

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