Monday, July 01, 2013

Books: My Most Excellent Year

This book would not have been my first  pick. But the Mary Popins thing  got me. First off the book is good. It is not great it is just your bite of life book. Sweet,insightful  and all.  Just life. Nothing out of this world. No Magic. No space ships. Nothing that does not happen.Nothing that could never happen to the rest of us. I did not like every thing in the book.But I did in no way hate it. 
The writing was odd.And I could not see it being written any other way. odd or not it worked. I also like all the odd movie stuff.It add to the books realness in a lot of ways.I also liked the way the you could just see the plays in your head. And feel what it was like to be up there with them. So that was very fun for me to read about. I think it was fun to have all the baseball stuff. even if I did not know what I was reading.I know nothing about baseball.
And the best part of the book was by far the end.I love the end of this book.I love it! In a lot of ways it made the book well worth reading. it was the kind of ending that almost made you forget everything that you did not like. So  over all this book really rocked once you read the end.
! I think that a lot of you will like it ( and a lot of you will not like it so much those of you who do not like these real kind of books). Its a sweet story of high school. and how we do not know it but we can change lives in so many great ways. I think that any young teenager who wants to see life the way other people live it  will love this book. Really a good book when you take the time for it.and take it for what it is.

( YA-13 and up)
Stars:  * * * * 3.7


  1. Love it when a book has a perfect ending! Thanks for review!

  2. This book has such a simple but cute cover! It's intriguing that the writing was odd but still worked out for you. This sounds like either a hit or miss book, but it does look very interesting, so I might check it out in the future. :)

    1. If you get the chance I would say it is worth a try. The best part about the book is how you feel better about it after you read it!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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