Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Book: Awaken

First off this is a bittersweet read. I have loved these books so much and as happy as I am to see what happens and I hope for a happy ever after I'm a little sad to say good-bye. As you can tell from my many Meg Cabot reviews I love her work and find her to be a great writer. Her stories are always just the right mix of love story, humor, action, and character. No matter what her books are going to be worth the read,which is why I love her so much. No matter what I know I'm in for a treat. and being a review that is something I don't get a lot. I open the book and hope for the best. With her I know that there is going to be something good about the book without a doubt.
And let me just say that this book is in no ways a let down to fans of first two.It was wonderful.
But before I really get in to the heart of the review I would like to take this moment to yet again bring up how tired I am of all the silly god loving nut cases in the books are homeschooled. It is a really bad joke and poorly done. Homeschooled people are not losers and saying these things about them just gives them a bad rep and makes life ten times harder for them. Like getting ask the worlds stupidest questions.I know its one line in the book but it is still.
As for the characters and story of the book they were pretty good. The characters were much the same as in all of Meg's books - I liked it though and I think that some how she makes it work were a lot of other writers don't. When you look at these books over all you do see a lot of slow and sometimes fast changes in the characters.Each character seems very realistic and well thought out when it comes to their action and personal changes. And all of them make sense. I understand the part that they play in each story.
As for the story I love how in this book it is all about the girl saving the guy but it not done in that over the top pushy way. I love the mix of greek myth in the book as well.It is not over powering and its not under played and half done. Which is something that a lot of YA books do wrong.Only real down side to the book? as great as it is and as much as I like it there was just something missing to give it that "I'm in love"factor. I think that I would have liked a few more little twist and for the book to have pushed the edge a little. Now I'm not saying Edgy. But I love how with the airhead novels it felt like nothing was held back and I would have liked the same from this a little more.
Over all a very fitting end to the series. And though its not a 5 star book I still would have to pick this as one of the best books I have read this year and in a long time!I would highly recommend this series to anyone.Another well done book by Meg Cabot!

( YA -14 and up )
Stars:  * * * * 4.0

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book


  1. I just barely bought Abandon and can't wait to read this series! Great review:)

  2. I LOVE Greek Mythology. So I'm definitely going to check out this series =D


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