Monday, July 22, 2013

Book: Sweetest Dark

I read this book a while back and never posted a review. But with the next book coming out soon I thought that a late review is better than no review.
This book was both wonderful and a little bit of a let down at the same time for me. First off there are many things about it that are wonderful and it made me think the Gemma Doyle series. Which is one of my favorite series of books ( though I have not read the last one).  This was a lot like those books both in writing and time. But I feel that this might have had less action than those books. Some how Libba turns every little thing in to a huge deal.
First off I love the time in which this is set mostly because of Downton Abbey.  But something that I love is how they deal with the how hard life was back then. And in a lot of ways I felt like the book should have been a little longer. I liked the book and I was never bored reading it but the story did not really seem to go anywhere very fast. and even looking back on it there was no huge change in the book. Yet , none of it bothered me which normally it does. I think it was because of the honesty of the characters. Which I loved them all by the way and would have liked to learn more about any and all of them. I loved the story and its twist and turns.
For me the only down side of this book was that the love story was to rushed. it  was to fast. And I would have really love to see them fall in love slowly over time because I think that the character had so much to give us the reader.

( YA - 13 and up )

Stars: * * * 3.4


  1. I love the Gemma Doyle books, and you are right: Libba is a master of conflict and tension. I'll have to give these a try. :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love the characters too. I really enjoyed this one actually. I can't wait to read the next one in the series. I have to read Libba Bray books. I have them I just haven't found time to start yet. Lol.

    Dee @ Dee's Reads

  3. I love the Gemma Doyle series too! I have this book but haven't found time to read it.


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