Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book: Avalon High

Well the idea for the book is very weird... so to say, and I do not think any one but Meg could have made it work. I really like this book. some of it did not fit together just write but it was really very good. I like Elle. she is a funny girl. and I like the way the story played out. I did not like every thing. but I did not hate any thing. I think this is a book for all the Meg fans out there ( Like me).It is her book. just right for her fans.I think it makes you think about who is the hero of your school? how could you  help out like Will? and  are you like Jen? Or Elle? I think it is good in that way. but this is not the best book ever. and i think that some of you might start it. but i do not think you will all see it to the end. but good book. fun read. funny.

(YA-13 and up)

Stars: * * * 3.6

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