Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book: The Daughters Break The Rules (#2)

I really liked the first book ( The Daughters ) and could not wait for this one. This book was not the way I thought it would be.this book had too messages to the readers. One is not to jug. I thought it was great how it was shown to us. you really got to see what it was like to jug and to be the one who gets jug.  you also saw how some one can change. I thought it was great how we saw that. you mostly see that stuff in movies because it does not work in books right. but it really worked. oh but back to the message of the book. Two was never to lie it only makes telling the truth harder and it only gets you hart.  this was also done like in the movies. but it was done very well.This book is like a Rom-Com in a book. fun with a little downer but great fun to read. I think this is a book for the fans of Secrets Of My Hollywood Life  books. Over  all pretty good very happy I read it.

( YA-12 and up)
 Stars: * * * * 4.5


  1. i've heard these books are great! i was so surprised to learn that the author is regis philbin's daughter!

  2. yeah there pretty good. I did not think that she was his daughter till I read it. I thought it was like Smith or Miller. a last name every one has. but it is nice that she writes it being a 'daughter" too. it makes the books much more life like I feel.

  3. love these books! i did not even know who the author was till i had read the first book! great book! great review!


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