Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie:Sherlock Holmes ( The new One)

well I am a BIG fan of Enola Holmes as all of you know by now. so I though I would go see the new movie just for the fun of it.
and well I LOVED it! I think that it is great!  The cast was great!they are great together in the movie. I think that if you are a fan of Enola this is  the movie for you. if you are a fan of the movie read  the Enola Holmes book. they go together like tea and a good old cookie.  Really over all a very very good moive!
 Stars: * * * * * *


    are the Enola Holmes books any thing like it?

  2. Thanks for the review!!!!--I LOVED the movie, too!!! I hadn't heard of Enola Holmes, but will definitely be on the look out!!!

    p.s.--I saw your comment on my blog, so I decided to check out your blog--Super-cute!!! I'm a new follower :)

  3. THANKS!
    if you loved this movie then you will just LOVE Enola Holmes.they are GREAT books!
    thanks again for Following this blog!

  4. I too loved this movie. Though not the most faithful adaptation of the canon, still was interesting to see Downey Jr's take on the role.

    I need to check the Enola Holmes mysteries. I liked "The House of Silk" by Anthony Horowitz.



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