Friday, December 31, 2010

Book: Bright Young Things ( BYT #1)

 So  I have read the Luxe books and had mixed thoughts on it. This book was not like the luxe books at all. I have to say i liked it. it had the good things from the luxe and did not have all of the bad from the luxe books. it was pretty good. I liked some things better. I think that the next book will be okay. I liked this one. but it was not great. I think that it is a book for fans of the luxe books. there are still some things that Miss Anna needs to fix. The girls need to go deeper. and they need to feel more then love and hate.all they do is fall in love and hate people for there love. which is not how love works and is not how she should show it to young girls who read this good. it is said to be for 16 year olds but 11 year olds are reading it. she needs to know that making a soup in to a book never really works for long. but I have to say just like most of the luxe books I am 'into' them some what. and I will be reading and reviewing the next book. But that is only because I like Letty. she is a good girl. young. but bright. ( and also I want to know which on will die). over all, better then the luxe but only so so.
( YA- 16 and up)
Star:* * 2.6

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