Friday, May 31, 2013

Book:Just Listen

It has been a long time since I have read a Sarah Dessen book. I am not a lover of her books but I tend to really like them. She has this way of bringing them to life in such a beautiful way. Each of her books has a message of some kind.
And this book was no different. I found that I loved this book much more than I thought I would. It was fun to read but it also made me think about how little we truly know about the people we think we know. It shows us that everyone has a lot more going on than you might think. and its a point with things like bullying that I love. I love it when authors point out facts like this. and when they do this good of a job doing it.
I also loved Anabelle. I know that some had a hard time with her. But I understand her. How she kept thinking about who she had been and who she was going to be. I think that is something that a lot of us get lost at in the teen years. Who we were when we were children and who we are becoming as we turn to adult. I think that was really at the heart of the book. When you look at her two sisters and so on.
I also love the just listen part of the book. That there comes a time in life when you need to take a step back and just listen to the world around you.
And I have to say though I did not like him at first I really liked Owen. I really liked how he did not have this whole creepy/sad back story that she was waiting to find out. Owen was just Owen. And thats something I love about Sarah Dessen is that sometimes in her books she writes people just as they are no long " I wonder how they came to be that way". In her books they just sometimes are the way they are like a lot of people. And then she has the other people who have reasons and most of the time good reason for the way that they are just like in life.
Over all a really good book. I would say that any YA reader interested in realish fictions should take a look at it. Because the way that Sarah Dessen makes her world and brings her story to life is wonderful.

( YA - 14 and up. This might be hard read for some as it deals/talks about with things like eating disorders and rape )

Stars: * * * 3.5


  1. I have heard such great things about Sarah Dessen's books, but I haven't actually read any yet. YA Contemporary romances are a bit hit & miss for me. But this one sounds like I one I would actually enjoy. Plus I feel left out with everyone reading her book haha!

    Great review :)

    Amy @ The Reading Realm

    1. first off thanks for stopping by :)
      I would say that this or The truth about forever ( here is a link to my review if you want to take a look )
      I think that these two are her to best books.But I have only read 3 or 4 of her books my self.
      Hope you like it

  2. I like real books and characters, thanks for the review.

  3. Nice! Honestly, - and I am a bit ashamed to admit this - but I have never read a Sarah Dessen book before. But it really sounds like she did a great job with this one. I know I would appreciate the messages of the novel, as well as the realness. Thanks for the review!

  4. I loved this book. I have to say that it is in my eyes Sarah Dessen's best novel. I feel that after reading it changes the way we look at girls who have gone through what Anabelle has been through. And same thing with her sister.
    Great review

  5. i can't believe i haven't read anything by her! thanks for the great review!


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