Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book:Underworld ( Abandon #2)

Its sad how long it has taken me to read this book. I am a huge (- ok maybe just a big fan since it took me so long to read it ) of Meg Cabot ( just look at the Airhead review).
I loved the first book in the Abandon series and was hoping that yet again Meg would out do her self. Which she did. This book was different from her other books because the short took place in so little time. It was only a few days. Which blows me away. I think that a lot of writers have a very hard time with writing stories that take place in a few days. I mean harry potter happened over one year.Yet Meg does a great job of keeping it moving without rushing it.
But Meg also keeps things just like always funny and light. Its something that makes picking up her books a lot like running in to an old friend sure its different and it takes a little time to fall back in to the swing of things but the fun and laugher is there right from the get go. I really love Meg's timing she knows just when to do all the right things. And things that would normally bother me with most YA books. I think that it is a true sign of what a great writer she is. I don't think that  have read a really bad Meg Cabot book - or one I that I did not like. Which for me is very hard to do. I have to say if you want to read this book go for it. It is well worth it.
Though yes, Meg might not be the worlds greatest writer as far as YA goes she is one of the top out there.

(YA-13 and up)

Stars:* * * 4.0

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