Monday, May 20, 2013

Book: The Lucky Ones ( BYT #3)

After waiting a very long time to read this book I got my hands on it and could not have had higher hopes for it.
And in a lot of ways the book met these hopes. It was bright. It was full of the parties and fighting that you feel in love with in the other books. and it was full of drama. But not all the drama was good.Some of it had me asking my self why she would write that. And a lot of the drama had to do with the young pilot. Yes, I found some faults with that story line. I felt that in some ways it brushed over a lot of the problems that racist caused in the 1920s. It made it seem at times like a white rich  girl who went to lots of parties could date who ever she wanted too with out people turning on her at all. Which I think if we look at history we know very well that is not true. Also the whole gang thing got very old very fast for me. and I saw how that storyline was going to play out very early on. Which was a little sad because normally Ms.Godbersen's storylines take the most out there turns. And I was let down by many of the twist in this book. 
On the other hand though I did love the Letty story. It was just what I thought Ms.Godbersen would do. and I liked it very much. And it had the whole 1920s feel the first two books were full of. 

Over all I have to say that I was left with a glass half full over all though I think many might see the glass as half empty.And I can not wait to read what Ms.Godbersen writes next.

(YA-14 up)
Stars: * * * 3.5

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  1. I have to say that I liked this one best out of the three my self. I was a big fan of the luxe series and think that they are a great fun read. Though i do agree that the pilot thing was a little weird and hard to believe. your review really made me think about that. and I wish that she could find away to fix it now. but oh well.


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