Saturday, March 06, 2010

Book:Theodosia:Theodosia& The Serpents Of Chaos(#1)

My dad found this book on line and even though it looked a little young to be YA he still emailed the info on it to  me because he had read so many good reviews. And those review I have to say were spot on.
I LOVED IT! it turned out to be a really great book.It had  everything a book.Theo is great.She is  smart,funny and easy to love.
Had a very hard time putting it down. And for an older teen to feel that way about a "kids" book says a lot.  it is a very smart book.I felt like I was not only having a great time reading it but that I was learning a little bit too. Which was awesome. I get so tried of books either being just light fluff or so sad and real world that after reading it I want to hide in bed for 3 days.
 I think that this is great book for almost all readers.Even if like me you were a little older.I know that if I had read this as a child I would have been dying for the next book.It would have been a book I read more than once. Which means it will be a great gift for any young reader. And if a parent is looking a good book to read out loud to your child this one will be one that you will enjoy as well. It has a good story is fun and a joy to read.  if you like Enola Holmes you will just love theo! it is one of the best books ever!! if you do not like to read read this if you do like to read read this! the book is great for ever one! It is a book that I feel like everyone will be reading in a year or so. a true jem of book.
Stars: * * * * 4.2



  1. your sooooooo RIGHT!!! did you read book 2?? and are you going to read book 3??

  2. yes! I am reading book 3 right now!

  3. I LOVE this book! all of my friends and have read them!


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