Friday, March 05, 2010

Book:Clone Codes

I really liked it. the story was great! I think this will be a very big book! I really got in to it. it had ever thing a good book should. I just love the way the story goes. I love swifting,that was great to have that in there. it is a really good book. the writers should be very happy with it. I love that it means as a book. I think a lot of you should read it. but a lot of people will not read it because it follows  a story plan. which people do not like. I on the  other hand do like it. not always but a lot of the time.

Stars: * * * *  3.4
 ( YA) 


  1. WOW this book just came out!!! your are on top of things!!

  2. really a great book! think more kids should read it. but it is a book that needs to be talked about


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