Friday, March 05, 2010

Book:Darkest Powers:Summoning(#1)

good. not really my cup of tea. but for a book like this I liked a lot. I liked it. cool Idea. I think it will go far. the story is very good. I like the people in the book as has a lot going for it as a book. you can tell that a lot of time has gone in to this book. I like how they talk about movies in it. it is cool to have people in books know things like that. it makes them more life like. I really do like this book. I like how it is not just about vampires. it goes deeper then that. it gives the book so much more. like graceling did( yes, graceling is on here too). I think a lot of people who like gifted will like this book. over all I liked it.
Stars: * * * 

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