Monday, March 29, 2010

Book:Shiver(The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)

Well the best way to start off the review is by saying that this is one of the biggest let downs I have ever read. A lot of people I know like it.And so many people told me that is would be a better read than Twilight. After reading this I want to read twilight again. And I don't even like twilight ( yes I went through my sad six months of liking it before I finally read something really good). I did not like how Sam and Grace are never really are happy. It seemed like the whole book was just them sitting around waiting for the next worse thing to happen. Which is sad because the book did have some good little points. Like I liked the setting of Mercy Falls. And at first I did like Sam and Grace and they why I got both sides of the story but the more I read the less I cared for that fact. And I'm sorry but I think that there was a lot when it came to wolf way of life that could have been left out and something truly worth reading put in its place. But  NO WAY! And at times I was not sure what story I was even reading. Which was a pain. So I would sit there and be like " yeah its a werewolf love story...and ummm yeah its cold. Which is why its called shiver" In some ways being in love is ever thing. But not the love in this book. I sat there thinking to myself that a love story about two teens dying of cancer would be more hopeful and worth reading than this.  And I might have learned something useful from that book. This on the other hand could have been great and would have been much better if it had not been written by a love sick stay at home mom. I have a stay at home but at least she is not out there trying to sell to young teenagers. I will try to read the next book in hopes that maybe it will pick up on the few good points that were hinted at in this book.
Stars:  * 1.4 
 (YA - 14  and up) 


  1. I like your honesty, and the way you compare this book to other books. :)

  2. thank you so much Jessica! that is very nic e of you to say!

  3. some people I know love the book. I though it was good.but then you showed me what a good book is. a good book is going to change your life for the better it is going to help you be a good girl /boy. it will always be there for you. it is some thing that helps. so shiver might not have done that for me but it helped me to know that a good be should be thanks to daydreamerN


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