Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book: Magic Under Stone

I could not wait to read this book! Finally there came a small break in my reviews for me to read this. 
At first I could not wait to jump right back in to the story and I had some pretty high hopes set up for this. 
This book started off really well and went on they way for a while. I found myself yet again lost in the magic of the world. But then as I was reading somewhere in the middle the story just seemed to have hit a wall.  It stopped moving along and the whole feel of the story changed. It lost its wonderful fairy tale epic feel and just became a little old fairy tale. And I found myself over all let down with the book. 
It seemed that everything I had loved about the first was not here. The ending to the book was the biggest let down of all. I read both books leading up to something that was rapped up all nice and pretty in 15 pages.It was rushed and half put together. Trying so hard to be a happy -ever- after that it was just a flop of an ending. And  I was very hurt with that. I wanted more.  I had been very in to the book and it just ended! Leaving me with nothing really to think about or hold on to. It had me feeling pretty glum about the book.
So all the characters from the first book were wonderful and really stayed true to who they were while still growing and changing in believable ways. As for the new characters that were added ? I did not care for them much at all. They felt half made. Like something was missing.  I could honestly not have cared what had happened to them. Violet I felt should have been rewritten or pretty much cut from the book. Her character was just a pill to read about and I did not care what happened to her at all.
Over all only read this if you want to see how the story ends.  What could have been done to make this book better? Epilogue! I would have added another 15 -30 pages to clean up the end give us some action and show us how all the characters had changed from when we had started the book. 

( YA - 13 and up ) 
Stars: * * 2.9


  1. Great review. I haven't heard of this one before - not sure about book 1 I'd have to look it up. Sounds like it wasn't as good an ending as you were hoping - an epilogue can go a long ways! But it sounds like it wasn't a complete fail either at least! :)

    1. No far from a fail. And the first book was called Magic Under Glass. I will go back and add a link to that review in this one, sorry about not doing it before.
      Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!


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