Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book: Forever

As many of you know I have read and hated these books. A lot really. So why did  I read this? Because the book still had a lot of hope. There are many little and very small good points about this book that stand out and that I kept hoping to see more of. Sadly all I got was more of the bad. The setting and the town of Mercy Falls is wonderful but in none of the book was it every showcased at nicely as it should have been. And the love story was always so sad and never seemed to go anywhere. Even in this last book I found myself wondering where the hell it was all going - if it was going anywhere.  All of these books seem to be made up of nothing ever going right and everything wrong. To a point you have to give the reader a little hope. Its not that much to ask for. Harry Potter and a tons of other great books have done it all along its part of writing a good book is to have something that makes it worth reading.
Did I find this book worth reading? Yes, because I like to read a really bad book every once in a while just to remind me that they are out there and can be very poplar. And I also wanted to try to be fair.  I know I said that with Linger and i'm saying it again I want to be a fair blogger whenever I can help it.
 Pretty much standing with this book is the same as the other two in the series. Good setting. Sad love story. Everything goes wrong. And its also a very long book. I still like all the different characters and their side of the story.
On the bright side the story finally seemed to go somewhere. Even if I was not to happy with that somewhere.
Over all after reading all three of books I can safely say that my thoughts have not changed and I think that most readers will have better luck with other YA books. I do still have some hope for Ms.Stiefvater  as a writer and will at some point give her other books a try.

( YA - 14 and Up)
Stars: * 1.5 

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