Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book:Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

this book (just like East) is a retelling of the fairy tale east of the sun west of the moon( this was not a book club pick I want to read it for you all and for my self so I would know the best East Of The Sun wets of the moon retelling there is for teens). But this one unlike East is true to the fairy tale. this one was much funner to read. east was good but it was more of a good book. this was a Fairy Tale.i really like this book. it is not great writing. but the story was great. and I really like The Lass. she was a cool girl. in the story east of 'the sun,west of the moon' I do not always like the girl. but in this one I did like the Lass.I would have liked if they used her name more but that was just part of the story. I liked the part with the winds it was pretty cool. I wish that Jess would have painted a bigger picture and would have told us more about what people and things looked like.I have to say I really like it. it was really nice to read a fairy tale that was a fairy tale for once.Very nicely done. so far My fav retelling of east of the sun west of the moon.
Over all not great writing but great story and I loved Lassy.

( YA-13 and up)

Stars: * * * * 4.7

( I wish the cover was a little cooler. and I think it  should the  white Bear on it.)

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