Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movie: Clash Of The Titans ( NEW ONE)

Well this movie got the worst reviews there is I think. so when I put it on to watch it I thought that maybe they were just being mean and did not really mean it.
 But after watching the first 5 minutes of it I could see what they meant. the movie is sucked. I don't know how it did but it did. the movie could have been some what good if they had played up the love story. and played down  Zeus. he was just to cheesy.  everything is this movie was really corny. well everything but the love story because it was not really even there!I think that the only good thin about the  movie was that Gemma  Arterton was in it. I loved her. she was really the only thing I liked about his movie.
something fun to do with this movie is to mute it and then think up your own words to it. the movie really did suck! I mean even Avatar was better then this!  a lot better then this.
Over all the arterton was great, everything else sucked. But it is a great movie to sit and laugh at.

( PG-13)

Star: * 1.5 ( for the fist time ever! I think)

( Photo to the right is of Gemma Arterton in the movie)

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