Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book: Beastly

So like a year ago my friend said that I should look in to the book. it sounds really good.so then  my mom see an add for the movie. I so I go to see a video for the movie. I love it. then I get the book. my mom loves it and so I read it.
and there are not words that I can  think of to tell you how good this good is. the first 11 pages are hard to read. but after that you will  want to put the book down.  there is just some about it. it is like the book is Magic its self. when you read it you find your self in a hole new world.  and the best part of the book is guys and girls will love it. yes. I gave to to a guy friend to read and he liked it a lot. so it is a good for almost ever one. which also makes it a great read. it is a book like Harry Potter. ever one will find some thing to like in it. but as the movie is coming out that means you all HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK NOW!! okay maybe not right. but do not see the movie with out reading the book. it rocks. it is not some silly fairy tale. it is a killer book! the book world will never be the same again.  it is not going to be easy to read okay books after this one. it gives YA  books a great name.  this is a good I am going to buy. I want to have it in my home. it is that great  of a book! it is one of my top 10 book of all time! so if you need a book like a great book here is the one. it is one all of your friends will like. this is a book I think you all should read for summer reading!
( YA - 12 and up)
STARS: * * * * *  5.0
PAGES: 304


  1. Wow, this sounds so good! i really want to read the book before seeing the movie!

  2. It is so good! you should really read it! I love the book!

  3. I loved, loved, loved this book! It's just awesome, the way she melds in references to other fairy tales and the way she transforms Kyle. I've forgotten a lot of the elements (heaven forbid!) so I guess it's time to re-read for me. Oh, and in my opinion, fairy tales are never silly. :D

  4. I love this book! do you know any more like it Isakook?? I really want to read another book like it. if you know any please do tell me.

    thanks for reading my blog

  5. Yes! I went on this Beauty and the Beast craze a few years ago and just started hunting down books with the theme.

    Hmmm... you have to read Beauty by Robin McKinley; it's a pretty good retelling of the tale.

    Beast by Donna Jo Napoli is narrated through the eyes of the Beast himself, and I think it's set in the exotic land of Persia so that's a pretty good bonus.

    Ice by Sarah Beth Durst is AWESOME (I'll review it when I have time), and it's based on the Norwegian fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon (which is my favourite fairy tale, but you didn't need to know that). It certainly has that modern feel and those delicious fairy tale elements.

    There's lots more to recommend but if I start, this might become a novel.

    Wow, this is a long comment. Sorry if it takes up space. And thanks for reading my blog too! Yours is so cool! :)

  6. thanks for the list. I like long coms. it shows my reads have some thing to say! it makes me smile to know that they like or do not like a book. it helps people find the books they like.

  7. hmm, sounds interesting. it is now on my tbp read list!

  8. L-O-V-E this book!
    there is just some thing magic about it. just because it is a fairy tale does not mean it is a bad book!
    this book rocks. and I hate fairy tales. and I love this one!!

  9. This book sounds super good like kick major booty lol. I really wanna read it and a movie is coming out too???? Thats so cool! If u know of anymore books by this author totally post em! I have a whole summer of reading to do ;)

  10. well I am going to read her book Diva! it looks really good. but my library has to buy it for me. so it take some time for them to get it. but I will post it as soon as I can!

  11. i love this book. I can not wait for the movie!

  12. oh i <3 Beastly! can't wait 4 the movie :D

  13. I love, love ,love this book!


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