Monday, August 02, 2010

Book:Enola Holmes: The Case Of The Peculier Pink Fan (#4)

This book was great! I have to say it is one of the best yet! I love this book. it keeps true to the Enola books. I think that Springer did a great job on this book! this book  is one of my new favs. true a very nice read. I love Enola had how she can out smart ever one!  even sherlock!
I liked this book because it was not like book 3 and I liked book 3 because it was not like book 2, and I like book 2 because it is not like book one, and one is like no other book I have read. really you should give this books a chance. I know a lot of people who did not like book one but could not put down book 2. this books are really some thing NEW in an old way. and I love them. really you should read them. 
It was fun. It was not just fun it was great! really it is so hard to find a book this GREAT! it has ever thing a book should! Enola is some one who will never be forgotten. just like her big brother Sherlock! I think that this is read a book ever one should read. it is full of ever thing that makes a book great! ever thing is put together just right. and did I tell that Sherlock was GREAT in this book. yes, he was just right.
  like He had just walked off one of the movies.

 ( YA-or 11 and up)

STARS: * * * * *  * *

Pages: Forgot :(


  1. this is my fav Enola. I have read all of them. this is the one I like best.
    Sherlock is soo FUNNY in this one!

  2. ME TOO! I liked it better so I add it too. they books are really good you should read them!


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