Friday, December 27, 2013

Book: Fangirl

As some of you may remember I read the book Eleanor & Park and feel head over heels in love with it! So when I found out that Rainbow Rowell had another book out, I did everything in my power to get my hands on it right away. First off this book is very different from Eleanor & Park.  THis book over all is a much happier kinda of love story. And having read ( and even thought about writing ) fanfiction I loved what a big part that played in this story. Though I would like to make it clear that I was not big in the fanfic world I just kinda pasted through it when I found a link on tumblr.  Reading this book shone some new light on it for me. I have always been on the fence about fanfic. Part of me thinking that it's fun to dream and share all the things you would have done differently - because that is how I got into writing in the first place. While the part of me is always thinking how I'm not sure if I would like someone to fanfic about my own stories. That I would not want them touching my characters. My characters who to me are family. But reading this book I saw a whole different side to fanfic. And I'm really grateful for that. 
Now the whole book was not about fanfic that was just a part of it. The book was about so many other things. Like growing up. Like family and what that truly means and the time old battle of knowing when to forgive someone, and knowing when you have been hurt to many times. 
It also dealt with the hard battle of going forward. Facing the future and all of the changes it holds. Of letting go not just of bad of the past but also letting go of good. Knowing when you those memories as joyful as they are, are holding you back. 
 THis book also has a super sweet love story that I felt I could totally relate too. 
Which brings me to Cather. I really feel in love with her because I felt that in so many ways she was like me. Something I'm sure all the readers of fangirl will feel at some point or another. 
I think that the most powerful I could say about this book was that I did not want it to end. I turned the last page and kept looking for the next one.  I did not want it to end. 
  Though very different from Eleanor & Park this book yet again shows us all how truly wonderful Rainbow Rowell is as a storyteller. I can't wait to read whatever she is cooking up next for us. 

( YA - 14 and up) 
Stars:  * * * * 4.0       LEVEL: PLEASE DON'T END

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