Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympian: the Titans curse ( #3)

First off this book has the same pros as the first two; fast paced almost from the beginning, has good humor, good character development and is another fun but short look at what Greek mythology would look like in the modern world. though some things are different it is set in the winter not summer, and is darker than the first two, but keeps it's good sense of humor. This book does what the second did take away a main character and put in a new one or in this case three. The new characters are good some more the others. At first I was upset about this but it adds good variety to the book. Though I will say Grover does not get as much character development as Annabeth got in the last book and he seems only there to be comic relief. Also the ending to this book is far better then the last two overall. This is definitely the best in a series that keeps getting better and better.

Stars:*** 3.8          Level: listening to Percy's dam jokes FOR ETERNITY

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