Saturday, November 02, 2013

Update:2009 to 2013 - 5 years of blogging !

In november of 2009 a 12 year old girl sat down at her father's 10 year old mac that was out dated and took forever to load. She sat down and thought to herself " i'm going to start the blog". She went on google and entered the word  Blog. She waited  her toes freezing in the cold novmeber night. Snow was falling swiftly and softly outside. Adding to the cold.
Her family could not pay to heat this part of the house in the winter. Still something was telling her that starting a blog was the right thing to do.  She felt she share with other young readers the wonders she had found in books. And to help them find the diamonds in the rough, that she had been so lucky to find. 
When google finally loaded the first thing that came up was She clicked, and from that day on she has been known as DaydreamerN. 

That is the true story of how this blog was started.  5 years of blogging this month! THough I have not always done my best. And there are many times when I almost stopped all together. I didn'tand that is because of my wonderful readers! Books have always been a huge part of my life and have been my first love. But it is you guys that kept me going. And pushed me to do even better.
 And in honor of how far it has come since that day, I have opened a new wordpress blog under the same name. THis does not mean any changes for the blog spot followers. This is me and the bloggers at Daydreamern"s reviews adding to our userfriendly ways. Adding the new wordpress blog our way of giving our wordpress followers an easier way to follow us. We will still work hard on making this blog the best we can.
There will be some changes for our bloodspot readers. I will be doing some hardware up dates on the MOVIES and BOOKS pages on the blog.  We are doing our best to make sure that it goes smoothly and that the finished pages are more user-friendly.  We will be sharing the new pages with all of you the 13 of november so be sure to come and take a look.
Thank you all for being the readers we could have asked for! Your comments keep us going and fill our days with joy!

Everyone at daydreamerN

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