Sunday, November 03, 2013

Book: Sideshow of Merit

I was really looking forward to reading this book.  The Story sounded really interesting.
But sadly this was not something that I can say I really liked or enjoyed reading.
 For me the book had it's good points when you looked hard enough. It was not terrible and I'm sure that  author did put a lot of time into it. The best way to start off the review was is by saying that had i not been reviewing this I would have stopped reading it all together.  However that being said I could not read a book that I did not like the main characters, and that had so much choppy writing. First off though the book is said to be YA I disagree with this. In many ways. I think this is more new adult myself. But I will hold it up to other YA while writing the review.
 I do had a very hard time with the gay love story in this book because it felt so... out of place. Like the writer was not sure about the love story. Which lead to me being unsure about it.
Now let me stated I gay love straight love to me it's love. I enjoy reading "gay" YA books and when i find a good one I love it.  But in this book it felt like it was done as a trick.  A cop out.
That bothered me. THis is not some trend in YA books. And just because you have a gay love story in it does mean that it will sell. And I think that the lack of going over many of the problems that they would have faced at that time in history being gay and such topics as abuse and etc.
I feel that if you are trying to have that as a key part in your story you have to write about. I would much rather have a write stated their thoughts on these matters than not say anything at all.  Because why are we reading about if not to learn something. Even if we don't agree with it.
So than add to this the fact that the book was slow moving and had choppy writing.
After reading up on Nicole I really do hope that her next book is better. And I would be more than willing to give her a second chance.  I also hope that next time her book is put in the right age group.

( YA NEW adult - 17 and up)

Stars: * 1.8                                 LEVEL: Better Luck Next Time

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher. This did not in anyway effect my review or thoughts on the book

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